The Municipal Museum, which houses valuable works from the thirteenth century to the eighteenth century (including two paintings, St. Francis receiving the stigmata and the Madonna and Child, attributed to Luca Signorelli) and the beautiful Golden tree (also known as tree of life or simply tree of Lucignano). The latter is a reliquary (about 2.60 m high), built between 1350 and 1471, by Ugolino da Vieri and Gabriel D’Antonio and from the Church of San Francesco. From the central stem, placed on a shrine in temple gothic three-story shed twelve branches (six on each side), all topped with a crucifix and a pelican. The branches are covered with leaves and small caskets decorated reliquary in which quotes are lockets, who once were collecting miniatures and rock crystals, surrounded by coral branches to represent the blood of Christ.

Source: Wikipedia (IT Database)